Nicole, I hope you don’t mind me sharing about how I feel after experiencing the treatments you provided for me a few months ago!

I have never had an opportunity to do self improvements in my years .. and Nicole offered to do this for me to allow her experience. The years do take a toll on us .. I’ve earned every wrinkle and scar.. each has a memory.  After much thought, I agreed. I didn’t know what to expect ... she knew exactly what I needed to help my appearance to be more youthful ... I trusted her with my face !  I’m now a few months beyond that treatment ... and truly Cannot believe what a difference it made ! Not only the physical appearance... but it has made me feel youthful and energized inside as well ! She is passionate about what she does and is intuitive of the individual needs of each of her clients. For a woman, we are the pillar of the family. We support each and every person in the family unit ... physically.. spiritually and mentally. and emotionally.. we work inside and outside the home .. carry the babies ... and many of us neglect our own personal needs. We age faster than our partners because we carry the burden in many cases. So, this leads me to share about Nicole and how she wants to help others be the woman or man we once were.

Yes she injects product to make improvements ... but she also is very direct at sharing her thoughts in other ways for self improvement. She is a advocate for eating healthy .. drinking plenty of water .. getting enough rest, exercising and managing stress. I’m proud to know this incredible Woman !!Nicole your Mother would be proud to know what a Beautiful influence you are on others ! I wish you much success in your business with helping others become the best they can be. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You Are my 5 Star !”

 “Well, everyone knows I will Not go to town without makeup on !!!! But I’m making an exception on Facebook for Nicole.... I am So impressed with her talent and knowledge.. she knew where I needed help with improving my facial appearance and gave me a more youthful look ! I trust her completely ! I couldn’t thank her enough for what she did for me !!! I recommend her highly  Nicole... I wish you the very best in your adventures with helping others transform into the youthful being they are inside still.

“Amazing results with dysport injections. No more forehead line. Takes 10 years off. Relatively painless. Nichole Easthouse gives a nice pre-consult to help achieve results you are looking for!”

“Nichole did a fantastic job with my dysport injections to my forehead. She is very thorough in her assessment, explains the process, touched base with me a few time during the next week, then did a two week follow up with me to physically see how the dysport set up. My face looks so much younger without that “ squinty crease” and I’ve gotten so many compliments on how smooth my skin is!  Thank you Nichole!”

“I had a great experience at Ageless Esthetics Medspa! Nichole focused more on educating me and getting the right results rather than convincing me to pay for more than what I needed or wanted as I’ve experienced at other places. It’s clear to me that she is very educated in this field and it shows in how she explains all the services. Her experience as a nurse shines through in her kind demeanor. I’ve also never experienced a completely 100% pain free injection! I am so happy with the results and will forever go to Nichole!”

“I’m so thankful that I found Ageless Esthetics!! I’m clueless when it comes to skincare, with their experience and knowledge I know they can get my skin back on track! It was amazing the difference that just one chemical peel can make! Thank you for your help :)”

“The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable. I can’t wait to see my results. I definitely will be back for more treatments! Thanks Ladies.”

“I was comfortable at the very start as Nichole set aside additional time to share her knowledge and teach how injections affect facial muscles that in turn decrease lines and wrinkles. Its evident that Nichole has found her passion in this industry, as she strives to continuously educate herself. Nichole is easy to trust and consciences of her work, as she schedules a follow up appointment to view how the dysport set up and ensure you are happy with your results. Priceless! Not only has Nichole proven her skills and expertise, but it’s truly her genuine care and concern that her clients achieve their skin care goals, that makes her stand out among others. My skin care goal became her only goal during our sessions. I cannot thank Nichole enough for introducing me to injections. Not only are my wrinkles literally gone, but my confidence is boosted. Thank you Nichole for sharing your passion, it’s priceless!”